Add Apps To My Portal

Here’s an overview of the resources available to you in the Setup Wizard:


Add Apps To My Portal

Download the Add Apps To My Portal guide as a PDF:

We give you the Power Over your Portal (POP) in CatchOn. This means that of the 25,000 new URLs, apps, software subscriptions we see weekly, we make it really easy for you to find, add, and track what you care about during the year. With CatchOn, stay ahead of new trends and what is catching on (get it?) across your classrooms without a single survey (#nosurveys).

Discover Apps
In App Management, you can access Discover Apps to see curated educational tools that your students are using this week. Hover over each tool to get a count of total users and hits that app is getting this week. Click the app to add it to your portal.

Request Apps

What we love most about CatchOn is helping you discover what you DIDN’T know to care about and surfacing new things (good and bad) to improve how you manage your Edtech programs.
Other Apps under your Manage Apps tab is a view into the most popular tools hitting your network each week updated with live data as it’s happening. This is your window into new tools, potential problems (we hope not!) as quickly as they are happening.
Like something you see? Go ahead and click “Request an app”.
You can also Request an app from the Request Apps tab. Our administrative team will see this immediately and either process the request for you or send you a note requesting more info just like in the example below.