Create My Reports

Here’s an overview of the resources available to you in the Setup Wizard:


Create My Reports

Download the Create Reports guide as a PDF:

CatchOn’s reports give your organization the software accountability you need at a granular level. Start simple with the default District level report. Connect your roster information and go deeper into grade levels and individual campuses. Want to compare similar apps and see which free vs. paid tools are getting the most usage? We’ll show you how!

Select Time Period

Your portal shows Last 7-days as the default Time Period. You can change this to a preselected period provided OR enter a custom range. Please note that we only have data available from the time you deployed CatchOn to the current date.

Sorting Data

The Sorting dropdown gives you the ability to sort your data by the criteria you care about most. Most popular Sorting options are: 1) Select Favorites to compare important apps 2) Users to see which apps are used most and 3) Cost/ Usage to see the apps that are providing the best financial return.


CatchOn provides you a number of Tags based on app purpose, subject, and grade level. However, you can create your very OWN Tags to group and compare apps the way that makes most sense to you, your department, and everywhere in between. We will cover Tags in more depth within another article.
Have you ever wanted to compare the say, 5 digital textbooks or 10 math games you purchase to see which ones are actually being used? Users love our Tags to do just that! Here’s an example of this in action.
First, the user started typing “Tex…” and we autofilled “Digital Textbook”


The query returned analytics on ONLY the Digital Textbooks, with a chart that can be presented to a school board, shared across a department, or exported to CSV and pulled into other data software. For this district, deciding on which digital textbooks can now be supported with real data for the FIRST TIME!

Grade Level Reports

Campus Reports
Provide your Grade Level administrators and campus principals with insights on their app usage all within one screen. This data helps inform decisions and improve deployment success across your campuses.
Import Roster File
Trial accounts can create granular reports at these levels by importing roster information in the form of either a single CSV containing both staff and students OR a Zip file with separate CSV files for students and staff.

We provide you a template on the exact format and column headings that we need. Here is that format with more details:

  • Column Headings (exact formatting): EmailAddress, Campus, SchoolGrade
  • Note: SchoolGrade must have one of these three Grades (exact formatting): Elementary, Middle, High

Roster files that are not properly formatted will return an error message letting you know what needs to be fixed.

A successful import will allow you to select Grade Level and individual Campus for your report. If you need help with this step, please contact