Manage My Apps

Here’s an overview of the resources available to you in the Setup Wizard:


Manage My Apps

Download the Manage My Apps guide as a PDF:

My Apps within your Manage Apps console is where you input license and financial data for your apps. CatchOn uses the information you input for the ranks and statistics provided for your apps. Our early adopters found that this console served another purpose too – a central place for financial data that previously DID NOT exist for their district. Now, to show you how easy it is!

Apps get into your My Apps console only by you adding them from Discover Apps or Request Apps (Remember POP: Power over your Portal?). The default license and financial data for each app is set to “Free” and “Unlimited” licenses.
If you don’t change these, our system will always show you usage alone. What you miss are the ranks and statistics for comparison.
License + Financial Data
Customizing your data is simple and user-friendly. Start by clicking the Actions button of the application that you want to edit.
  • To change number of licenses: Deselect “Unlimited licenses”.
  • To change the cost of the app: Deselect “Application is free”. Now you can input the per-license cost of the application. This automatically updates the “Annual Cost” field to multiply “Licenses” by “License Cost”.
  • To override the Annual Cost calculation: Select “Override annual cost” and put in the custom annual spend for the license.


Renewal Date
CatchOn uses this renewal date to send you notifications and reports when you renewal date gets close. These reports can give you the data you need when setting expectations with vendors for renewal contracts.