Setup Wizard

Here’s an overview of the resources available to you in the Setup Wizard:



Getting Started

CatchOn is an analytics tool that helps school districts use real-time usage data to inform technology purchasing and adoption decisions. Our focus is providing information that can help education leaders ensure technology is optimized for teaching and learning in both in and out of the classroom. We’re here to help educators make wise technology decisions – Are you ready?
In this Setup Wizard, you will learn how to deploy the CatchOn for Chrome trial, and we’ll provide some helpful resources to use as you start learning your district’s portal.

Before You Start

There are a few steps users must take before being able to deploy the CatchOn for Chrome plug-in. Please make sure to check your spam filters for emails from:
By now you have received two important emails from us that have enabled you to do these steps:
  1. Validate your domain by setting up a CatchOn email account in your district server with this exact format: catchon@districtdomain.ext
  2. Completed the Registration Wizard and accept legal terms
  3. Land HERE! (Setup Wizard)
If you have landed here before the above steps, please go back and complete these. You will NOT be able to deploy or log into your portal without finishing these steps first.